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We have two types of audiences to whom we provide furniture 3D Modeling and rendering services:

A. Furniture brands and retailers sell furniture, decor, and fixtures.

B. Interior designers, architects, interior design agencies, and 3D studios that produce 3D interior renderings.

They have unique technical and visual requirements. In the first section, we will discuss our 3D Furniture Modeling service, which is customized for brands that sell their products online. If you belong to the second customer category, please continue reading part B of this text, where we describe our 3D Furniture Modeling service created specifically for interior design visualizers, architects, and 3D studios.

A. 3D Furniture Modeling and Rendering Service for Brands

Our customers include well-known brands like Joybird, Bush Industries, Graham & Green, and more. These brands sell their furniture on their own online shops and/or through retailers such as Costco and Amazon.

We offer a comprehensive range of 3D furniture modeling and rendering services tailored to meet the needs of brands. Our services are designed to help you showcase your products in the best possible light, providing a realistic representation of what customers can expect. The 3D furniture modeling services are primarily organized into several modules. Such as-

1. Product Images on a White Background

Our team is skilled at creating high-quality 3D models of your furniture pieces and rendering them against a white background. This service ensures that your product stands out, free from any distractions, allowing potential customers to focus solely on the product's design and details.

2. Lifestyle Images

In addition to product images on a white background, we also offer lifestyle images. These images display your product in use within a beautifully designed scenario. This not only showcases your product but also gives customers an idea of how it would look and function in a real-life setting.

3. Furniture AR App

Today, furniture apps are incredibly popular. Many people are seeking them out to stay ahead in technology and provide their customers with a more engaging experience. That's why we offer a furniture app development service complete with a product configurator. This allows customers to customize their chosen furniture piece interactively, changing aspects such as color, material, and size to suit their preferences.

4. 3D Infographics

Our 3D infographics service helps to communicate complex information about your products in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. Whether it's demonstrating how a product functions or showing the dimensions of a piece of furniture, our 3D infographics make it simple for customers to grasp.

5. 360 Rotating Videos of Products

To provide a comprehensive view of your products, we create 360 rotating videos. These videos allow customers to view the product from all angles, giving them a better understanding of its design, functionality, and overall aesthetics.

6. Furniture Product Configurator

A Furniture Product Configurator offers several benefits for businesses. It enhances the customer experience by allowing them to customize furniture in real-time, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement. It also increases sales by catering to a wider audience with varied preferences. Additionally, it reduces returns by giving customers a clear understanding of what they are purchasing. Offering a product configurator can give a competitive advantage and streamline the production process, resulting in cost efficiency in the long run.

A Furniture Product Configurator is a valuable tool for furniture brands to improve customer experience, boost sales, and streamline production. Our 3D furniture modeling and rendering services offer a comprehensive solution for showcasing products. To experience a 3D product configurator demo.

If you are interested in our 3D furniture rendering services for brands, then you may choose any of the modules mentioned above or combine a few.

B. 3D Furniture Modeling Services for Interior Design Rendering

Furniture 3D modeling is a time-consuming process, which is why many interior design companies choose to outsource these services. One of the reasons for this is the ease of portability. By having a ready-made furniture 3D model for your project, you can effortlessly merge and render your own scene. This is especially crucial as it allows you to prioritize the main focus of an interior design construction project.

We also offer interior rendering services. Since many companies choose to outsource the 3D furniture modeling aspect, we provide dedicated 3D furniture modeling services to support them.

We have extensive knowledge of the technical and visual requirements necessary for modeling 3D furniture for interior visualization.

We provide a 24-hour turnaround for mid-size furniture modeling projects. Before you ask for Custom 3D modeling for your furniture items, We encourage you to browse through our large library of 3D furniture Models to see if you find what you need there.

If you're interested in trying our services, we offer a "pay if you're happy" option. We'll create a few furniture models for you to review. If you're satisfied with the 3D models, you can proceed to pay for them, and we can continue working together.

Our mission is to make 3D services affordable and accessible. We have optimized and structured the entire process to reduce costs while maintaining quality. Please download the PDF below for a structured and accurate list of pricing.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us at binquiry@service.furniture3dmodels.com.

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