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Abovetek Suction Cup Cell Phone Holder 3D Model

Supported Version : 3Ds Max 2017
Usages : Kitchen, Office, Shop
Materials : Metal, Plastic
File Formats : MAX, FBX, OBJ,
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Polygon Count : 49734
Scene Unit : Centimeters
Dimension : 18.75 x 15.06 x 27.06

About Furniture3dmodels:

  • Created based on reference images of the original product.
  • Scaled to the measurement of the original real life product.
  • Comes with high quality yet simple and easy to manage shaders.
  • Properly named and grouped for ease of use.
  • No Additional plug-ins are required to open.
  • Proper distribution of edges.
  • Reasonable polygon count.
  • The model is placed at the center (X,Y,Z, 0,0,0)
  • No technical errors like Flip Normals, double edge, isolated vertices.


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  • Modern


  • AboveTEK


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